About Us

Dream, Design, Deliver

An Architecture Firm That Offers So Much More

The Right Architect At The Right Price

Our primary mission is to provide access to affordable architecture for everyone. As an architecture company, we help you get permit approvals quickly and efficiently.

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Our Beginnings

EZ Plans was born at the intersection of business and architecture. Its co-founders, entrepreneurs Ray and Lesley Joelson, envisioned service-driven, customer-focused, high-quality design made accessible to everyone through a team of talented, creative architects and designers.

EZ Plans architecture design portfolio spans humble ADU garage conversions to a 12,000-square-foot estate home and everything in between. CEO Ray Joelson has helped clients at all income levels looking for value as well as design creativity.

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What We Do

We serve homeowners, designers, contractors, and developers with premium architecture services at competitive prices.

As an architecture services company, our mission is to provide every homeowner access to affordable architecture, whether that’s for a simple remodel, addition, or a new construction project.

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Looking Ahead

EZ Plans is the preferred choice among architecture service firms, and we are continually improving our process by developing innovative technologies that deliver outstanding design and customer service.

Executive Team

Ray Joelson
Lesley Joelson
Mark Lefitz
Michael Song - Principal Architect
Michael Song