Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about working with EZ Plans, all in one place! If you have any other questions not addressed below, feel free to contact us, we’d be more than happy to help.

General Services

Q. What makes EZ PLANS different from other architecture firms?

EZ Plans is the only firm that offers instant access to pricing, right on its website. EZ Plans was conceived by business people, not architects, and our transparency makes for a unique business model focused on streamlining architecture for an experience that prioritizes the client.

Q. Are you licensed architects, or a drafting service?

EZ Plans is a licensed architecture firm and does not offer drafting-only services.

Q. How is EZ Plans different from "Design/Build"?

EZ Plans offers architecture design and permitting services, but does not offer expediting services as a stand-alone service. Unlike “design/build” firms, we do not require you to commit to a construction contract upfront. When plans are approved, they can then be sent out to multiple contractors for bids.

Q. Does EZ Plans provide construction services?

We do not provide construction services but we do offer referrals to trusted contractors as an added optional service to our clients.

Q.Does EZ Plans provide architecture services for Retail or Commercial?

We do offer architecture services for retail and “light” commercial.

Q. Can I use my own Structural Engineer?

EZ Plans works with numerous reliable structural engineers, but you are welcome to use your own preferred engineer who is licensed and insured.

Q. All I need is an As-Built drawing. Does EZ Plans offer this service only?

EZ Plans is an architecture firm and does not offer “as-built” only drafting services.

Learn more about our service and the EZ Plans process here.

Q. I did some work with another architect. Can EZ Plans use their designs and drawings?

EZ Plans will not complete unfinished work from another architect for liability reasons.

Q. Can EZ Plans back-permit an already existing structure?

EZ Plans will attempt to back permit an existing unpermitted structure, if necessary, to complete a project.

Pricing and Fees

Q. How does your fixed-fee pricing work?

EZ Plans has an instant pricing calculator and proposal generator on our home page. Choose your project and get access to instant pricing.

Q. What fixed fee packages do EZ Plans offer?

We offer a fixed fee Base Permit Package© and a number of other optional fixed fee packages, including:

  • Interior Finishes Package
  • Exterior Enhancement Package
  • Landscape Concept Package

Q. What is not included in EZ Plans fixed fee package?

  • Consultant fees such as structural, civil engineering, Title 24 fees
  • City/County plan check fees, permit fees, and fees for special clearances/ reviews

Q. Does EZ Plans provide coordination for special consultants, if required?

EZ Plans will refer clients to trusted consultants such as land surveyors, geological consultants, structural, civil, and MEP consultants.

Q. What is Title 24 and why do I have to pay for this fee?

Title 24, California Building Energy Efficiency Standards Code, is a mandatory report and set of calculations that are required by the State to help improve energy efficiency and conservation.

Q. Does EZ Plans require a retainer deposit to begin work?

Yes, a retainer deposit is required to start any project.

Q. Do I have to pay your fees upfront?

Aside from the retainer deposit, a progress payment schedule will be included in your agreement.

Contractor Bidding

Q. Can EZ Plans help me select a contractor?

EZ Plans does offer an optional contractor bid coordination service.

Q. When can I start getting bids from contractors?

We recommend getting bids only after your project has been designed, engineered, and submitted to the City for plan check.

Permit Processing

Q. Do I need a permit for a kitchen or bathroom remodel?

A permit is needed if you are removing/ relocating walls, doors, windows, and/or relocating plumbing fixtures.

Q. When is a permit required?

Building permits are required for new constructions, additions, alterations, and demolition/removal of a building or structure.

Q. Does EZ Plans get plan approval from all of the various City departments?

The permit processing service is included in our fee. It includes obtaining standard “clearances” and approvals from most City departments. Special agency clearances e.g. methane mitigation, MEP, solar and sprinkler systems, septic systems, curb cuts, power line modifications etc.. are not included in our fee. We continue to work to obtain all approvals until your permit is RTI.

Q. What does RTI mean?

RTI means your building permit is “Ready-To-Issue”

Q. How long after RTI before we need to pull the permit?

You are generally required to pull the permit within 3 - 6 months depending on the City.

Q. How long is the permit valid for?

You are generally required to start construction within 6 months of permit issuance, but you may apply for an extension, usually granted in 3 - 6 month increments, depending on the City.

Q How long does the process take to get a permit to start construction?

The average expected engagement time to get a permit is approx. 6-9 months.

Q. Do you offer permit expediting services?

EZ Plans includes permit processing services for all our projects, but we do not offer this service on a stand-alone basis.

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