Our Process

From initial sign-up, through design, all the way to permit approval, our streamlined process makes architectural services simple and accessible.

Our Architectural Service Process Puts You In Control

With EZ Plan’s customer-forward approach, we listen to you and help bring your vision to life while keeping you informed every step of the way.

EZPlans Measure

Your project with EZ Plans begins with measurements. Once our Professional Services Agreement has been executed and processed, we will schedule an appointment to have your property measurements verified.

Our architecture service is dependent on accurate measurements and plans. Our measuring technicians will go the extra mile to capture these measurements and quickly transform them into a detailed as-built floor plan, delivered to you within 48 hours.

EZPlans Design

Using the completed as-built floor plans your architect will guide this schematic design process, and usually, within 10 business days, you will receive a call to schedule an appointment for an initial design presentation. Your architect and design team will continue to work with you in an interactive manner during the design and development phase to further refine the design to your satisfaction before moving on to the next step.

Each of our network architects is highly skilled in the field of residential design and construction and is ready to provide you with cost-effective, functional, and creative designs to meet your needs. It doesn't matter whether you're:

The EZ Plans architecture design process is all about you.

EZPlans Draw

EZ Plans’ service makes every facet of architecture more streamlined. After you sign off on the finalized designs, your architect will begin work on your construction documents. During this phase, your architect will coordinate with a structural engineer and you will receive a structural engineering addendum agreement for this required service.

Construction drawings typically consist of floor plans showing existing, to-be-removed, and new walls, along with doors, windows, stairs, decks, plumbing fixtures, and mechanical equipment.

These construction drawings include foundation plans, roof framing plans, sectional details, window and door schedules, energy calculations, and any other structural details required for plan check and permitting. Construction documents are an integral part of the architecture services process.

EZPlans Permit

Upon completion of your construction documents, your architect will submit your plans to the City or County for plan checks and permitting. All corrections and most clearances issued by the City will be handled by your architect and engineers. Our architecture service makes this part of the process hassle-free, but it may be lengthy depending on the clearances that are required as well as the jurisdiction involved. We do our best to expedite this process.

Consult our FAQs for more information.

EZPlans Bids

The last part of our architecture process includes a pre-construction phase where we work on turning your dream design into a reality by offering a contractor bid coordination service. After your plans have been submitted to the City for plan check, you will be contacted by our bid coordination manager to see if you are interested in taking advantage of our bid coordination service.

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