Garage that was converted into an ADU

Garage Conversions Plans

Convert your garage or other accessory space into an ADU and add value to your home or multi-family property. At EZ Plans, we help homeowners with ADU garage conversions in Los Angeles and other parts of California.

We’ll help you plan your project and our experienced architects will provide creative, efficient, and functional designs to meet zoning and building code requirements.

Our garage conversion plans are ideal for those who require more living space but don’t want to build a new structure that would take up valuable yard space for construction.

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Interior of garage conversion into ADU

Garage Conversions to ADU Benefits:

Some of the benefits of an ADU garage conversion for your California home may include:

  • Lower Cost of Construction
    Save on construction costs by using already built structures such as attached or detached garages.

  • Tie Into Utilities
    Connect to existing sewer and power sources.

  • Expedited Plan Check
    Many Cities and Municipalities are ADU conversion friendly and may only require ministerial Planning Reviews.

  • Convert Multiple Spaces
    Convert and add to an existing garage or accessory space, or simply convert as a JADU to get a second rental unit or living space to add even more value to your property.

Interior of garage conversion into ADU
Exterior of a converted garage to ADU

Find Qualified Architects

Hiring a professional architect with the necessary skills and experience to handle your conversion is no easy feat. At EZ Plans we have a streamlined, efficient process for ADU garage conversions in California.

Our architects are licensed and insured and our garage conversion plans meet energy-efficient building code requirements for habitable structures.

Serving Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties, South Bay and San Francisco Bay Area


Q. What is a garage conversion and why should I consider it?

Garage conversion plans repurpose your garage into habitable living space such as a home office, guest suite, or rental unit. This process adds valuable square footage to your property, potentially increases your home’s value, and addresses your evolving lifestyle needs without expanding your home’s footprint.
Project duration varies depending on the city, generally taking four to six months from design to permitting, plus additional time for construction. EZ Plans optimizes this timeline, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process from concept to completion.
The setbacks of the existing dwelling apply when converting an attached or detached structure to an ADU. The existing structure does not need to meet the current setback requirements when converting to an ADU. However, any addition to the converted structure/garage will need to meet the current setback requirements.
Replacement parking is not required when a garage, carport, or covered parking structure is demolished, or converted, to create an ADU.
Yes, converting a garage into a habitable space mandates permits to comply with building and safety codes. EZ Plans expertly handles the permitting process, ensuring your project adheres to local regulations and standards.
Definitely! Our experienced and creative architects excel in crafting designs that not only match your home’s existing style but also enhance its overall appeal. Whether you desire a space that blends with your home or an avant-garde addition, we tailor your ADU garage conversion to your specifications.
Costs can vary significantly based on the garage size, design complexity, sewer connections, material choices, and structural alterations. EZ Plans offers clear, upfront architectural pricing, providing an initial estimate to help plan your budget.
Commercial architecture services for multi-family buildings. EZ Plans assists building owners and developers in optimizing their properties by converting underutilized spaces such as carports, garages, storage spaces, or laundry rooms into rentable ADUs.



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