A commercial building and parking lot planned by an architect

Commercial Architects

EZ Plans' commercial architects provide services for a variety of commercial projects to help you reach your goals for your space and your company. When you choose EZ Plans you can rest assured that you’ll work with an architect who has a deep understanding of building and zoning codes and the ability to find creative design solutions for commercial building owners and tenants alike. EZ Plans commercial architecture delivers designs that exemplify your brand and vision.

We offer expertise with planning, commercial building design, interior space planning, construction documents, and expediting building department approvals for:

  • New Commercial Buildings - Offices, Warehouses, and Hospitality
  • Change of Use Permits
  • Mixed-Use Structures
  • Tenant Improvement Services
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Custom Designs For Your Business

Our tenant improvement architects redesign interior commercial buildings and retail spaces to meet our tenant's branding strategy and usage requirements. For corporate and commercial clients, we provide building designer services, such as space planning and office layouts to optimize office efficiencies. If required, we collaborate with interior designers for expert color selection, material finishes, furniture, and decor selection.

EZ Plans commercial architects handle building and planning code-related requirements and coordinate with engineering and other professional consultants in order to procure permit approvals. Our commercial and tenant improvement expertise includes:

  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Gyms and Classroom Facilities
  • Spas and Salons
  • Mixed Use Retail
  • Office Administrative Spaces
A dark wood indoor bar area designed by a commercial architect
An airport restaurant designed by a commercial architect

Creative, Affordable Solutions For Your Business Needs

EZ Plans offers affordable packages to meet your budget and requirements. We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing and clear communication throughout the process of all projects we work on with our commercial clients. We are innovative, client-oriented, and eager to work with you to find the best commercial building architecture solutions for your business to thrive.


Q. What types of commercial projects does EZ Plans focus on?

Our commercial architects’ expertise covers new commercial buildings, Change of Use Permits, mixed-use structures, and tenant improvement services for offices, warehouses, hospitality venues, and more.
Yes! We have extensive experience in obtaining Change of Use Permits for businesses looking to repurpose or modify the use of their commercial space.
A CUP is typically required for any renovation that changes the use or occupancy of a commercial space, ensuring that your business meets all legal and zoning requirements. The CUP process includes assessing zoning and building code requirements, preparing plans and documentation, and ensuring compliance with ADA regulations and parking requirements for your business. EZ Plans will manage this on your behalf to obtain your permit as rapidly as possible.
Our commercial architects redesign interior spaces to align with your branding and usage requirements, including space planning, and interior design services for color selection, material finishes, and overall furniture layout optimization.
We collaborate with engineering consultants and other professionals to ensure all building and planning code requirements are met and permit approvals are obtained efficiently.
Our commercial architects have worked with a variety of clients, including restaurants, cafes, gyms, spas, salons, mixed-use retail spaces, and offices.
Contact us to begin a consultation. We’ll discuss your specific needs, goals, and budget to develop a custom solution that brings your commercial vision to life.

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EZ Plans’ commercial architects service Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco and we’re proud to serve these cities and the surrounding areas for all of your commercial and residential architecture needs. If you are searching for efficient and affordable commercial building designer services, contact EZ Plans today to start the conversation.

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