A dark wood indoor bar area designed by a commercial architect


EZ Plans’ experienced restaurant architects offer a variety of restaurant design plans and services to make your vision for your dining space a reality. We provide design solutions for a multitude of concepts, from fast casual to fine dining, eclectic, or even a food hall. We create the atmosphere for the ideal restaurant experience.

Our value-based architecture services include space planning, interior design, site adaptation, 3D renderings, construction documents, Change of Use permit applications, and more.

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An airport restaurant designed by a commercial architect

All of EZ Plans’ restaurant architects are licensed and insured to work on commercial projects. Our restaurant architecture design services offer supreme attention to detail at every turn so we can bring your dreams to life. Our process includes developing several design options, then honing your chosen option so that it matches your vision for your space and is ready to be submitted for permitting, approval, and construction.

We process kitchen equipment plans and specifications for review and approval by local health departments. EZ Plans takes into account your branding, your specific needs and code requirements to bring your vision to life and efficiently obtain your building permit.

An airport restaurant designed by a commercial architect
A lighted and landscaped exterior dining area

What makes EZ Plans’ restaurant architects stand out? We pride ourselves on making a complicated, expensive process into a straightforward and affordable one. Our customers love our clear, thorough communication and our commitment to transparent pricing. With EZ Plans there are no surprises, only quality, creative designs and a process that works for all restaurant design concepts. We’ll work hard to keep you on time and updated on the progress for your restaurant design plans.

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Q. What types of restaurant concepts can EZ Plans’ restaurant architects design?

Our architects are experienced in designing a wide variety of restaurant concepts to suit your vision, from fast casual and fine dining to eclectic styles.
We focus on creating the perfect atmosphere by developing a design around your chosen concept to match your brand and vision, and ensure it's ready for permitting and construction.
Yes, we work with franchisors to develop the initial test fit and prototype that addresses the critical link between the back-of-house functions with the front-of-house ambiance. We also work with franchisees to create architecture plans for in-line, end cap, and stand-alone locations, each with its own unique conditions to create the optimal dining experience.
Yes, our experienced team of restaurant architects can guide you through the CUP process, which is essential for legally changing the designated use of your restaurant space and obtaining your permit.
A CUP is typically required for any renovation that changes the use or occupancy of your space, ensuring that your restaurant meets all legal and zoning requirements. The CUP process includes assessing zoning and building code requirements, preparing plans and documentation, and ensuring compliance with ADA regulations as well as parking requirements for your restaurant. EZ Plans will manage this on your behalf to obtain your permit as rapidly as possible.
EZ Plans coordinates with a Kitchen Consultant to process kitchen equipment plans and specifications for local health department review and approval, ensuring compliance with all regulations.
Contact us for an initial consultation. We'll discuss your restaurant concept, provide expert advice, and start developing a design plan that brings your vision to life.

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