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Today, we’re delving into the heart of these transformations, presenting eight groundbreaking 2024 home design trends that promise to shape the future of our homes.

As of 2024 the State of California continues to pass new ADU laws lifting restrictions and making it easier and more affordable to build Accessory Dwelling Units.

Many of us have now found ourselves working from home. This is a big adjustment if you have not already planned for this.

Building an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is a creative way to expand your home and maximize living space, as well as a way to get additional income for your family. This is why many homeowners have begun to include ADUs in their home design and renovation projects.

2024 Kitchen Trends

The average spend for a full kitchen remodel in California is usually between 40-75 thousand dollars, depending on the size of the kitchen.

Are you curious about adding square footage and value to your property through either a garage conversion or a detached ADU?