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Architects for Home Additions

Sooner or later, a home addition is a universal desire of most homeowners. An addition is a major home improvement project that adds valuable living space to your home. Whether you are looking for the addition of indoor or outdoor living space, our talented architects and designers will provide expert advice and creative solutions to enhance your home. Our architects for home additions have extensive experience in designing these and other home additions:

  • Master Suites and Home Offices
  • Kitchen and Great Room Expansion
  • Outdoor Living Areas
  • Covered Patio Additions

We make home renovations simple by design with affordable plans for room additions that fit your lifestyle.

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An outdoor home addition with a couch and TV

Professional Guidance

Not all architects for home additions can provide the same level of support through all aspects of the addition planning and building process. Knowledge about zoning regulations and building codes is critical when designing an addition to your home. EZ Plans architects are experts at navigating regulatory constraints, whether your property is in a hillside zone, is subject to any special overlay zone, or is located in a historic preservation district.

Our house addition architects and designers know how to get plans for your room additions approved even under the most difficult conditions.

An outdoor home addition with a couch and TV
An outdoor home addition with a dining table near a swimming pool

Bring Your Vision To Life

Use our pricing tool to get an instant quote and we will follow up to discuss the details of your project.

We’ll connect you with one of our talented architects for home additions who will discuss your budget and help set realistic expectations for your project. We offer support every step of the way.

EZ Plans’ experienced house addition architects will bring your vision to life while adding value to your home. Contact us today.

Serving Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties, South Bay and San Francisco Bay Area


Q. Does a two-story addition cost more than a single-story addition?

Generally, it is less expensive to build a single-story addition. A second-story addition typically requires additional foundation and support upgrades, roof modifications, and a new stairway.

As experienced designers, EZ Plans architects specialize in a range of home additions including:

  • Master Suites
  • Home Offices
  • Single & Two Story Additions
  • Kitchen & Great Room Expansions
  • Outdoor Living Areas
  • Covered Patio Additions.
Our home addition architects will design your new addition to match the existing style of your home unless you wish to select our optional Exterior Enhancement Package to create an alternative exterior facade such as Modern Contemporary, Spanish, or some other style.
Our combination of talent, creativity, experience, and customer-centric approach sets us apart. We focus on making architecture affordable and accessible, maintaining transparency in pricing and offering exceptional customer service.
EZ Plans will produce a 3D massing model of the addition to the home so that you can visualize how the exterior of the home will look. You will see the new roof line and the doors and windows of the entire structure.
You can use our online pricing tool to receive an instant price estimate for your project. We will then discuss your project in detail to tailor our services to your specific needs.
Our architects for home additions are well-versed in local building regulations, including zoning, overlay zones, and historic preservation districts, ensuring your project complies with all necessary guidelines.
Our team is experienced in navigating regulatory challenges and proactively monitoring the permit approval process so that we get you to your permit as efficiently and quickly as possible.
From the initial consultation to the final design, we offer continuous support and clear communication both in-person and by utilizing our proprietary ArchiTech platform.
On our website, you can begin by getting an instant architecture pricing estimate, or simply complete the contact form to schedule a call for a detailed consultation to bring your dream home addition to life.

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