Exterior of a multi-family building designed by an architect

Multi-Family Architects

At EZ Plans, our team of dedicated multi-family architects specializes in new development projects and improvements. We believe that a successful multi-family project begins with making a connection with not only our clients and other stakeholders but also with the neighborhood and its surroundings. We offer architecture services for large-scale neighborhood planning, mixed-use developments, as well as refurbishment and multi-family ADU design solutions.

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EZ Plans applies modern, sustainable design principles and standards to all of our multi-family design projects. We translate complex program requirements into simple design solutions that meet the goals of the clients, cities, and communities with expertise in navigating complex city requirements.

With our experience and knowledge in multi-family projects, our architects are equipped to make sure the project goes as smoothly as possible. From design through permitting, we provide the support and transparency necessary to ensure your multi-family project is completed in a timely manner according to your vision.

Multi-family housing units on a residential street
A three story multi-family home designed by an architect

Each of our multi-family projects goes through various design iterations taking into account the surrounding infrastructure, optimal living spaces, and amenities. We also pay close attention to the materials, occupant safety, accessibility, and the landscape. By using sketches, 3D models, and photorealistic renderings, we ensure everything is taken into consideration before any construction starts.

The goal of our team of licensed, multi-family architects is to make sound, cost-effective design decisions for both the developer and the community.


Q. Does EZ Plans work on ADU plans for Multi-family units?

EZ Plans works with property owners and developers to convert underutilized spaces such as storage areas, laundry rooms, garages, and carports into permitted ADU's.
When working on a multi-family project we focus on creating a connection with clients, stakeholders, neighborhoods, and its surroundings. The EZ Plans approach is grounded in modern, functional design principles, ensuring that every project we tackle meets the goals of clients, cities, and communities.
Our multi-family architects have extensive experience in obtaining approvals first from planning departments and then navigating complex building department and city agency requirements, ensuring compliance and smooth progression through all stages of the project to permit approval.
We conduct thorough design iterations, considering surrounding infrastructure, living spaces, amenities, materials, safety, accessibility, and landscape to ensure high-quality outcomes for your multi-family projects and ADU's.
Yes, our multi-family architects use sketches, 3D models, and photorealistic rendering to illustrate projects for client approval and for the planning department approval process.
You can begin by contacting us for a consultation. We’ll discuss your project goals, provide expert advice, and outline a clear plan tailored to your specific multi-family development needs.

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