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Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are becoming increasingly popular as they add value to your property. They provide affordable housing for family members or additional rental income for property owners. They are essentially secondary housing units that legally share the same property as the primary residence.

Our experienced ADU architects will work with you to design your ADU to meet your individual and building code requirements. EZ Plans is skilled at obtaining a permit for your ADU plans quickly and efficiently. Whether for single or multi-family residences, EZ Plans simplifies the process and keeps you updated throughout the project.

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Customized ADU Plan Variations

We specialize in a variety of ADUs. Whether you’re converting a space, or building a new detached ADU unit, our designers understand how to maximize your space’s potential. Here are a few of the variations that our ADU architects specialize in.

  • Detached New Construction
    Not connected to the primary home structure.

  • Attached New Addition
    Connected to the primary home structure.

  • Converted Existing Space
    Contained within an existing space that’s already part of the primary home or other structure such as a detached garage.

  • Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU)
    Contained entirely within an existing home structure and cannot exceed 500 sf. in size.

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Experience Matters

Our ADU architects have years of experience designing and permitting each of these ADU configurations for both single and multi-family residences. All the aspects that go into maximizing ADU potential, as well as local regulations and codes, are taken into account in order to ensure a smooth process for our clients.

Simple, Transparent Price

If you’re ready to consider enhancing your property with an accessory dwelling unit, you don’t have to wait to see the estimate. Use our proprietary pricing tool to get an instant pricing proposal for your new ADU project. EZ Plans makes the ADU process simple and transparent. Work with our experienced designers and add value to your property with an attached or detached ADU today.

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Q. What exactly is an ADU and why should I consider adding one to my property?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a secondary housing unit on the same property as a primary residence. ADUs are a great investment for homeowners looking to provide affordable housing options for family members, generate additional rental income, or increase their property value. They come in various forms, including detached new construction, attached additions to the primary home or garage, converted spaces, and Junior ADUs (JADUs).
Our licensed ADU architects specialize in designing attached and detached ADUs that comply with individual needs and building codes. EZ Plans streamlines the process from design to permit, ensuring efficient and timely project completion. We offer customized solutions for ADUs that cater to both single and multi-family residences.
Common ADU variations include detached (new construction separate from the primary home), attached new addition (connected to the primary home), converted existing space (within an existing structure), and JADU (a smaller unit within the primary home). The choice depends on your property layout, budget, and unique needs. Our ADU architects can guide you through selecting the optimal type for your situation.
The State of California continues to pass new ADU laws, making it easier and more affordable to build Accessory Dwelling Units. For the latest rules and regulations on height, size, setback requirements, parking, and more, see our 2024 Guide to the New ADU Laws in California.
A JADU or Junior ADU is like a mini home inside an already existing house. It's a way to create a small, separate living space without needing to construct a whole new building. JADUs are required to have a basic kitchen but can share a bathroom with the main house. The maximum size for a JADU is 500 SF.
There are no restrictions on lot size. You may have an ADU on any size lot. Lots designated for single-family use with an existing dwelling can add 1 ADU and 1 Junior ADU (JADU). The minimum size for an ADU in California is 150 SF.
Obtaining a permit for an ADU involves ensuring the design meets local zoning and building codes. EZ Plans' expertise in ADU architecture and familiarity with local regulations simplifies this process. We handle all aspects of permitting, making it hassle-free for our clients.
While EZ Plans excels in designing and permitting ADUs and residential projects, our expertise extends significantly into the realm of commercial architecture. Whether you're looking to develop a new commercial building, transform existing spaces, or require tenant improvements, our licensed ADU architects are equipped with the knowledge and experience to bring your commercial project to life.



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