The exterior of a new house designed by an architect


Building your dream home starts with the selection of a preferred architectural style, from rustic farmhouse or Cape Cod to modern contemporary and everything in between. Our architects are skilled in new house design and can help you make the right choice. We work with homeowners like you to develop a custom design that truly fits your goals and enhances your lifestyle.

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Interior of a new house designed by an architect

The Right Architect

Our sole mission at EZ Plans is to provide access to affordable architecture by matching you with the right new build architect at the right price. Our architects have the knowledge and experience to navigate building and zoning codes with proficiency. We help you get permit approvals quickly and efficiently. We understand the challenges you face in making this very significant decision and how difficult it is to match one’s budget with one’s expectations. We work with you to set realistic expectations.

Interior of a new house designed by an architect
The entryway to a new house with the door open

Bringing the resources

In any new house design project your architect must be able to coordinate multiple consultants such as structural, civil and soils engineers, surveyors, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers. You may also need an interior design consultant for material finishes and specifications. At EZ Plans our new build architects rely on our broad network of professional consultants.

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