Posted On February 7, 2021

Many of us have now found ourselves working from home. This is a big adjustment if you have not already planned for this. Perhaps you have somehow managed to carve some space on your kitchen table or share a small desk in one of your kid’s rooms, but now realize working from home may be part of a long-term plan. Here are some tips on how to reimagine spaces with the addition of a home office from a residential, home office architecture company.

Home Office Architect in Los Angeles

Whole wall as a workspace also doubles as a focal point for an open floor plan

Temporary Solutions

If you need to use what you have quickly, one possibility is to switch up your furniture arrangement to accommodate a small desk. Or, use a screen or room divider to section off a corner for a home office. You can also use some space in your garage, mudroom, or even a small alcove, but make sure to test your wifi and cell signal strength (you may need to purchase a wifi booster).

Home Office Architect Los Angeles
Temporary workspace softened by strategically placed decorative plants and accessories

Find an area that has some natural light, preferably facing the back of your computer monitor to avoid screen glare, which also makes for better lighting when video conferencing. If you don’t have a blank wall as a background, make sure to include space to accommodate a backdrop or green screen if you have the ability to use a virtual background.

Use inexpensive materials for your home office like pinewood boards and shelf brackets to create either a sit or stand-up shelf to place your computer and other office items along an open wall. Adding a new paint color, hanging pictures, plaques, or a functional whiteboard are other easy ideas to complete the transition.

Home Office Architect Los Angeles

Clean, uncluttered work area with wall mounted backing and shelving

If you have a lightly used closet, this is another option for a home office conversion. A narrow or rolling desk can be used to transform a small broom or under stair closet where existing or new shelves can be added easily.

Home Office Architect Los Angeles
Clever use of under-utilized spaces
Home Office Architect Los Angeles
Multi-use desk/office with ample lighting

Take advantage of hallways with existing built-in linen cabinets. Use the existing top shelf as a desk top or extend it to maximize surface area. Use cabinets for office supplies and hang a pegboard to accommodate items that were once stored inside the cabinets.

Home Office Architect Los Angeles
Great use of a small space and easily accessible items

Permanent Solutions

If you simply do not have an extra closet or counter space or are looking for a custom design, let EZ Plans create an exciting, creative, and motivating space dedicated for use as a home office. Our licensed home office Architects will offer expert advice on connectivity and flow from your existing layout to something that meets your everyday needs.

Home Office Architect Los Angeles

Large, dedicated home office with vaulted paneled ceiling and built-in cabinetry

If you have been thinking about a kitchen remodel, now is a good time to integrate a home office into the design. These spaces are not only easily accessible but can double as either a business workstation, a homework table, or a great place to organize recipes.

Home Office Architecture Company Los Angeles
Home Office Architect Los Angeles
Office as multi-functional space
Home Office Architect Los Angeles
An alcove that functions as a homework area or office

Adding a multifunctional Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to your property is another great solution. Converting your garage or even building a new ADU separate from your main home can add tremendous value to your property and double as a home office, a guest house, or an apartment for rent.

Home Office Architect Los Angeles
Garage apartment

Let’s Get Started

Whether it’s repurposing existing space or a new addition, now is a great time to consider EZ Plans to help you achieve your home office architecture dream, and other living spaces, from design to permit.

EZ Plans is a full-service residential architecture service with experienced, licensed architects who can design your home office or dream home.

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