Top 10 Kitchen Trends of 2022

Posted On March 29, 2022

Here are the top 10 kitchen trends of 2022

          The average spend for a full kitchen remodel in California is usually between 40-75 thousand dollars, depending on the size of the kitchen. While luxury kitchens can hit over $100K. The larger the kitchen, the bigger the bill. Even with all budgets considered, 89% of homeowners are hiring the pros and spending more on their remodels, according to a recent Houzz Study.1

          Here are the top 10 kitchen trends of 2022 homeowners are including in their budget which you might want to consider including in yours.

           1. Upgraded Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - modern kitchen island

          If the kitchen is a temple, the countertop is the altar. A countertop upgrade has been ranked as the most popular feature in a kitchen remodel. Home owners have opted to upgrade countertops 91% of the time according to a 2022 Kitchen Trends Study.1 In the study, 35% of remodelers admittedly spent more than anticipated on the material used. Engineered quartz is currently the number one choice for upgraded counters. The second-most popular choice for upgraded counters is granite followed by butcher block or wood slab. 2022 is clearly a year of no expense spared and countertops are certainly not excluded from this uninhibited attitude.

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - open kitchen design

           2. Open Floor Layout

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - house plan

          Open floor plans have been the dominant architectural trend in new residential construction since about 1990. Currently, open concept kitchens that lead to the outdoors are especially popular.

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - home plan

          Open floor layout creates an effortless flow from one room to the next. Open floor plans are favored because they allow improved sociability and communication, multi functional usage, and shared, improved lighting. Nothing says modernity quite like this architectural design.


           3. Utility Islands

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - wood kitchen design

          The kitchen island is not a new trend but its role has proved to be more of a utility player as of late. With windows on the rise and cabinet space decreasing, architects have figured out modern day solutions to this modern day problem. This addition is so multi-functional for the reason it is 100% customizable and perfectly made to meet the individual needs of your kitchen.

          Just to list a few features that an island might entail:

  •  Extra outlets
  •  Towel rack
  •  Trash bin pull out
  •  Space for extra seating
  •  Space for a dishwasher
  •  Toe kick drawer for pet food
  •  Sliding compact spice rack
  •  Easily accessible cookware shelving
  •  Storage for a microwave
  •  Beverage & wine fridge

          The list is endless. If you can think of it, it most likely can be done.

           4. The White & Grayscale Theme

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - white kitchen plan

          White continues to dominate as the most popular color used for walls, cabinets, and backsplashes because of its innate ability to blend-the ‘chameleon’ of colors. Another reason being, it airs the essence of cleanliness and sets a light mood for communal enjoyment.

          Hanging on its coattails comes along gray. Used for walls 27% of the time, gray is most commonly found in steel fixtures and finishes. It’s a muted color that is compatible with any given design or style that surrounds it – that’s probably why a vast majority of homeowners opt for steel!

           5. Tiled Backsplashes

          There’s something about a great tile that breathes life into any space. Whether it’s a pop of color, a detailed texture, or discerningly placed to compliment structural integrity, we’re seeing updated backsplashes everywhere in newly remodeled kitchens. Ceramic and porcelain tiles continue to be the most commonly used material. However, marble backsplashes are now showing a surge in popularity – as long as it has a unique look, you’ve unlocked success with this kitchen trend of 2022.

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - home design plan

          Additionally, fun tiles can add perceived value and personalization to achieve the right mood you’re going for. Besides their pretty looks, tile backsplashes actually can serve an important function too. A well used kitchen can get really messy. Let’s face it – things spill, splash, drip, even erupt like Mount Vesuvius on the rare occasion, but these beautiful little pieces have your back when serving as a buffer to protect your walls from the heat, the stick, and the stains.


           6. Minimalist Kitchen Design

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - open kitchen plan

          Minimalist design is focused on improving your lifestyle through simplification. It involves using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. Due to its sheer functionality and tendency to become cluttered, the kitchen is a room that can really benefit from this kind of simplistic design. Smart storage solutions are vital to a house plan to keep surfaces organized and clutter-free. You will likely find that your kitchen is not just more visually appealing – it is also easier to use.

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - wide kitchen plan

           7. Window Banks

          The ability to be connected to the outside has been on the minds of many homeowners. Because of the countless days tied to the home, people are finding creative ways to integrate “the in” with “the out.” Long banks of multiple windows are a popular solution. Commonly placed amid two to three surrounding walls, it allows the kitchen to be illuminated by the warm sunlight. Window-lined walls in the kitchen make it possible to get a morning’s dose of sunlight. It’s proven that this sort of exposure in the early parts of the day is mood boosting, energy enhancing, and puts your circadian rhythm in harmony. Even without knowing the science behind it, numerous homeowners are instinctively making that call to let the sunshine in.

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - kitchen island design

           8. Statement Lighting

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - kitchen bar design

          Sure, the infamous recessed overhead lighting is functional and necessary – but adding a chandelier with some personality can immediately elevate a house design plan. Here are some lighting styles you should expect to see everywhere in 2022 kitchen trends.

Pendant Lighting
– Pendant lighting over an island or at the center of the dinner table is like yin and yang – they belong together.

Subtle & Refined
– On one end of the spectrum there is bold and bright; on the other resides something a bit more delicate. We’re seeing that “quiet” lighting can diffuse and soften the transition between two areas, commonly seen in spaces like the kitchen and dining room.

Organic Materials
– Materials like raw wood and shapes that imitate already have more than just a foot in the door. Because of the sudden interest with integrating nature-esque qualities into the home, organic materials and shapes take more precedence in its fixtures. See picture below for some brilliant pinecone – like lighting.

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - house design plan

           9. Working pantry/Scullery

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - kitchen pantry design

          What seemed to be an antiquated facet of the home, has transitioned back into a pragmatic space for those who love to cook, entertain, and get organized. A working pantry or scullery is a sneaky substitute for an overcrowded kitchen. No more struggling to decide which appliance gets to have its moment in the spotlight, messy dishes and cookware backing up the flow of hungry visitors, or forgetting about that crockpot your sister-in-law got you four birthdays ago. Having a cohesive space outside of the kitchen will ideally simplify the activities going inside of it.

           10. Arched Entryways

          An arched doorway creates a softer and more unique entry than its more common rectangular counterpart. It differentiates the space and creates a unique statement for a house plan.

Kitchen Trends of 2022 - living room house plan

With these top 10 kitchen trends of 2022, homeowners are spending increasingly more on their kitchens – an investment in the home is an investment in life.

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