Posted On October 9, 2019

Thinking of remodeling your home? Here are the top four trends in home design for 2020 that homeowners and residential architects love.

Kitchen as the Focus of Household Activities

Architectural trends for 2020 give more prominence to the kitchen – making it larger and connecting it with dining and living room areas. This allows family and guests to congregate and for children to play or do homework in the kitchen. The central island is the focal point of the kitchen both from a functional storage standpoint and as a multi-purpose gathering area, breakfast bar area,or food serving area. Residential architects use the central island to visually separate the kitchen from the living areas.

Top Trends Home Design Kitchen

Great Rooms and Multipurpose Spaces

Lifestyles have become more informal, and homes are reflecting this. Formal living rooms and dining rooms are disappearing, replaced by great rooms and multi-purpose environments. Integrating different areas of the home allows you to enjoy more SF(square feet) gained from the elimination of partitions and creating efficient spaces for the whole family to enjoy. Residential architects select construction material that will serve to link and unite the rooms in a coherent way, to gain space and light.

Top Trends Home Design Great Room

The Trend Towards Indoor/Outdoor Living Areas

While decks, patios, and outdoor grills were initially the focus of outdoor living, this trend has expanded to outdoor kitchens and even fully-furnished outdoor rooms. We also see beautifully planned and designed outdoor spaces to appear seamless, serving as an extension of the main house that it serves – blurring the lines of the true outdoor versus indoor spaces. Architects are remodeling and redesigning homes to have wider openings to achieve this seamless transition of living space.

The availability of new products is expanding with this popular trend. New window and glass door products are becoming more economical to allow the average family to enjoy seamless indoor/outdoor living.

Top Trends Home Design Indoor/Outdoor

Home Offices
Top Trends Home Design Home Office

Today’s technology has made remote jobs a possibility for many people. A growing number of freelancers, sole practitioners, and entrepreneurs are operating and offering professional services from their homes. Home offices should be designed to efficiently utilize space for storage, take advantage of abundant natural light, as well as provide privacy as needed to ensure the pleasures of working from home.

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