Posted On December 26, 2019

How to Effectively Use Black in Architecture

Black in every form, whether it be matte or glossy, painted or powder-coated, is gaining popularity as an architectural finish. From bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and cabinetry to exterior detailing, black in architecture has always been popular, particularly in Danish, Swedish, and Japanese design. But it has spread from the insular world of avant-garde architecture into the broader culture.

Black is a color that can easily be combined with any other tone. This flexibility can be explained because it is not a color at all, but the absence of color itself. Because of its ability to absorb light, it provides the same level of perception with any other tone.

According to Glen Salcedo, Chief Architect at EZ Plans, “Black is without dispute hugely popular, not as a dominant color field, but particularly as an accent or contrast when it comes to architecture and space.”

Clients looking for architecture services are often drawn to this compelling design, allowing EZ Plans to use black often in remodels and additions. Below are some examples of how we have effectively added black in architecture.

landscape of a house at duskAll-black window trim is a confident statement that adds dimension and a sense of depth.

entrance view of a houseA staple design accent that offers versatility of black in architecture is either an exterior or interior window finish. It’s a great tool for refocusing the emphasis created by a door or window.

bath and shower roomThis black trimmed master bathroom, recently designed for new construction, is defined as “Modern Farmhouse.”

shower roomBlack is regarded not only as a tool that can play well with almost any design style, but also a color that can act both as a neutral and/or a bold accent.

bath and shower roomBlack can also be an excellent background. The use of black in this bathroom accentuates the design, creating a more contrasted and unique look.

living room
view of a house garden

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